welcome to plant crossing

Welcome to Plant Crossing, the First Omnichain AR Game of Avalon Project, Enabling Phygital Web3 through Spatial Computing.


how to play


Land is one of the key resources of Plant Crossing, with total 5 types including Plain, Cave, Forest, Mountain and Island. Each type of lands contain different style of landscapes and effects to be discovered in the app.


Botan is the fantasy creature of Plant Crossing with total 64 different species in Open Alpha. There are 4 rarities of C/R/SR/SSR with max 100 SSR for each Botan species across omnichain.


Through walking in the real world, players discover, collect, breed, upgrade and exchange Botans with gameplay of Free to Play, Play to Own and Collect to Earn.

Omnichain Airdrop Made Fun. Players can also earn additional rewards from other top L1&L2 partners that Plant Crossing supports.

Download today & stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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